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The Networker

The Networking Club is a band of fellow travellers, who often get together for meetings. Our first meeting was held at The Pembury Tavern at 7pm on Sunday 9th April, 2006.

The Netwalking Club

The Networking Club is pleased to sponsor The Netwalking Club. The Three Mills Loop, the Limehouse Loop and the River Lea Vale Walk are three walks around the area near Three Mills in East London, the towpaths of the Limehouse Cut, the Regent's Canal and the Hertford Union Canal.

Meetings? Why? Who are we? When did all this start?

23rd September 2006

The idea behind this series of evening meetings is to keep together a group of friends who met in 1993 and 1994 when the BBC Networking Club had just started. We used to meet once a year on April 13th, since the first "BBCNC" servers were switched on on that date. A birthday party.

These days the group has grown and shrunk and grown, and is currently run by the committee!!

The committee decided to have more that one meeting a year. Anybody can come along, tell your friends! The advent of social networking software ..... FLICKR etc has meant that this group will infiltrated by a variety of types.